"Andrews has woven together such an original mixture of satire, suspense, and drama it is hard to compare it to other novels."
Meira Pentermann, Big Hollywood

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On the night of one of Hollywood’s biggest award shows, a mysterious villain and his minions carry out a series of attacks which completely annihilate the entertainment industry. Around the world, industry professionals are slaughtered, leaving our society without one of its greatest influences.

From the ashes of these attacks, a rebellion takes shape. The few remaining Hollywood professionals band together, forming The Studio, vowing to take down the evil madman and reclaim their rightful place as the leaders of modern culture.

Amongst these brave and talented few is Starlette. Leading the highest rated cast in The Studio, she will stand above all others as the breakout star who will pull Hollywood from the rubble and exact vengeance on the man who destroyed their world.
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